Three small words. One huge meaning.

It’s something we are not taught in school and it certainly isn’t a message that is portrayed openly enough in our society. Which is why it’s up to you;! To do what, you may ask?

To remind yourself daily that YOU. ARE. ENOUGH.

Not just are you enough in general. But you’re enough in all those little ways you – or others – tell you, you’re not. You are (blank) enough. Whatever it is that you’re doubting, pull the cord on that thought and tell it to yourself over and over again until you believe.

As soon as you realise that your thoughts are creating your world and your life is a reflection of what you believe – the story you are telling yourself, your entire world will open up. I promise you this.

It’s hard, it’s realllllyyyyy freaking hard. I suck at it. But I keep at it, because it gets easier the more you do it. We are all so unique and that’s something to celebrate because it’s what makes us so incredibly special. So yes, YOU. ARE. ENOUGH, of course you are – you’re amazing!

I also believe that if we are kind to ourselves, it helps us be kind to the world. So go on, love yourself sick and shine your love and kindness far and wide.

And remember, YOU. ARE. ENOUGH. All day, erryday.

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