Don’t Be Afraid To Dream Big, Darling


As a kid, dreams always seemed to have limitations. I’m not sure if it was where I grew up, the era I grew up in or perhaps it was simply just a reflection of what was going on around me. Don’t get me wrong, we could dream, sure… however, at school in particular, dreams were accompanied by limitations. Perhaps you dreamt of being a hot-shot lawyer? Or top-of-the-field-surgeon? Sure, you could dream to do that…only if you had the grades to back it up. Dreamed of pursuing something you’re passionate about? Sure…as long as it fit in a box, because otherwise how is that ever a career?

There was also the ol’,’re too young or (gasp!) too old, to follow that dream.

Well, call it hindsight, wisdom that comes with age or just a truck load of experience under my belt but I have learnt something that needs to be shouted from the rooftops. When it comes to dreams there are two rock solid, concrete facts.

It’s never too late and it’s most certainly never too big.

Dreaming is amazing, go for it and dream your little or big dreams all day long! Not only does it catapult you into another realm, it paves the path.

Our minds are so incredibly powerful and can conceive, perceive and aid to achieve situations beyond our wildest desires. This can be both a good and bad thing – but let’s focus on the good.

Dreaming is limitless. So go on, conjure up thoughts beyond your wildest fantasies. Dream so big that your heart feels full. Dream so much it fills you with hope and excitement. Dream more than a little dream until you’re smiling so bright and exuding light and magic. This world is full of magic and it’s right there inside you, you really do just have to believe.

I encourage you to take a pen and paper and jot down your most wildest dream…even if it seems so big and far fetched right now, I dare you to write it down and own it anyway. Feel free to share your dreams in the comments below, really put them out into the Universe and help manifest them to life. You may feel stuck, we all do at times. And you may certainly feel dejected and like giving up, again…totally normal in all contexts – whether it’s learning how to ride a bike, climbing your way up the corporate ladder, starting something your passionate about or becoming an Olympic athlete. But don’t let anyone ever squash your dreams, because they belong to you and you are so capable of making them happen.

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  • Although I have many dreams, one that is really strong with me at the moment is that I strongly hope to be able to move to either France or Italy for 3-6 months and undertake a language course. I think it would be such a wonderful experience, not just culturally but spiritually and mentally too!

    • Hi Danielle, thank you for sharing! Wow!! Yes!!! That is such a wonderful dream to have! What an incredibly rich experience that will be in so many ways, it will open up the world for you, you’ll have memories that last a lifetime and it will teach you so much about yourself and be the catalyst for personal growth. Keep believing in your dream(s) and continue taking the necessary steps to make it happen. I’m a strong believer in manifestation and believing deep down to your core. Put an image of France or Italy on your vision board (or even as a background on your phone!) and picture yourself there. If you can dream it, you can do it! x

  • I love this post! My craziest dream is to win an Oscar. I’ve always wanted to act professionally, but when I was a kid, all the adults around me pushed me to be more realistic. I went to college and studied something besides acting. I just graduated in December, and now I’m really struggling trying to find a job. I did everything that people have always told me would give me stability: I got good grades, I went to a good school, I had great internships. But even having done all of those things, I have no stability at all! For the first time, I’m realizing now that I can fail at something that I don’t even want, something that was supposed to be the safe option. I’m in no better place than I would have been had I studied acting and really tried to make it into a career.

    So I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna act. I don’t know how, and I certainly don’t know how I can afford to start trying, but I know that I’m going to do it. My first challenge on this new acting endeavor is that I have to work on changing my feelings of unworthiness. I have to stop thinking that I’m not clever enough or pretty enough or thin enough or that I don’t have enough money for training. I have to find my worth somehow (and stop making excuses for why I’m going to fail before I’ve even tried!). I’ve been doing a lot of reading and working so hard on trying to accept myself for who I am and all the amazing, unique things that I have to offer. Starting seems so hard because I don’t really know what I’m doing, but once I take the first few baby steps, I know it’ll get easier to find my path.

    Thank you for this beautiful post. It’s definitely given me a nudge in the right direction. Hopefully I’ll be on the big screen someday! I’m really enjoying the blog as a whole, and I really hope you’re proud of it! You’re spreading so much beautiful energy here. xx

    • Hi Emmy!! Thank you SO much for sharing! It is so lovely to hear from you and I absolutely loved reading your story! Yes yes yessssssss!!!! Go do it, listen to your heart and chase your dreams, there is absolutely nothing stopping you and you have to believe… my motto is always dream big and believe big, because hey, why won’t it work?! You will figure it all out along the way. If you lead with your heart, listen to your intuition and trust your instinct when following your passion, you will always be on the right path. I’m not saying it will be easy, heck – there will most likely be hurdles, set-backs and hard lessons…but that is exactly what they are, lessons! Designed to propel you into growth and even further on the right path. And you absolutely need to change your story…YOU ARE WORTHY lovely… you ARE all of those things, you are amazing and more than enough. You are you…and how rad is that!! No more excuses! (I know that’s totally easier said than done!!) And yes, while starting is definitely the hardest, it’s something you constantly have to commit to and work at, but make the commitment and do something every single day that reinforces the truth…you are worthy. You have to keep telling yourself, keep believing. Remind yourself constantly that the girl in the mirror staring back at you can absolutely do it. Remind yourself that the actresses you look up to are amazing, but so are you. For, She Is You!!

      In terms of the college degree you have completed, I know it’s hard not to, but try not to think of it as a waste of time. I used to think the same as you, but then I realized that it wasn’t at all, it was part of my story. You have to trust your path and believe that you are exactly where you are meant to be at this moment in time. The time is now. And I truly believe that the experience you have had, the skills and knowledge you have learnt are invaluable and will come in handy one way or another throughout your future.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you so very heartily for your kind words – I am so touched. It means so much to me that my lil blog has reached you, inspired you and given you the little nudge that you need. That means more to me than you know! I am thrilled to hear you are enjoying it and you’re picking up on the energy – from the get go, Amy driving force was to create a space of inspiration filled with beautiful energy that leaps out off the screen into your world (so you can see why you have made my day!) I have been working on some amazing interviews that I am excited to share with you soon that I promise will continue to inspire you!! Stay tuned!!

      Go out there and shine your bright light, believe in yourself, chase your dreams and give acting your all – let your passion drive you and always know that you can do it because you are you and that is amazing. I look forward to seeing you on the big screen soon 😉 xx