I Don’t Wanna Taco Bout It


It’s funny, there are so many things in life; whether it’s a feeling, something that has happened, something that is on our mind, our fears, our deepest thoughts…. that we just don’t want to talk about. Because, well, let’s be honest – it’s just easier to squash those feelings, bury them deep and pretend they aren’t there or believe that we are ‘dealing’ with them on our own.

Well, I have news for you girlfriend…that isn’t doing you any kind of justice.

The thing is, talking about our problems, feelings and worries… is something that isn’t widely condoned. Especially in some countries, it is embedded into the culture to keep things to yourself, bury them, sweep them under the rug (you get my gist). It’s something that is instilled from us as children. But, to be quite frank…THIS. ISN’T. RIGHT. It is quite the contrary, it is SO important to voice things. There’s no shame in talking, letting things out and working through them.

Let’s take an example; a fear / worry / something stressing you out…sometimes just saying it out loud, can help squash it and either make you realise that your mind was getting carried away and turning it into a much bigger thing than it actually is, or that it’s just plain silly, or that it is something out of your control that worrying about doesn’t solve.

I used to think this way, I used to stew on things and keep them to myself and create these big elaborate stories and allow my mind to go off on the biggest tangent. Which, only made it worse. It wasn’t until I found my tribe, my safety net, the people I know I can turn to no matter what – even with the most ‘ridiculous’ thought that is causing me anxiety and know I won’t be judged,

I know it isn’t that easy. And I know it’s scary to start voicing what’s going on in your head. But believe in YOU and know that the people that love and respect you won’t judge you for your thoughts. You’ll find the opposite, they will shower you in love and help you find reason. And if, you perhaps still don’t quite feel comfortable talking to others, write it down. Pop down all your craziest worries and thoughts in a journal. And then write down what the worst possible scenario for each one is…and you may find that it’s not that bad at all. And, I promise you, by just getting these thoughts out of your mind, it will be the biggest weight off your shoulders.

Keep your chin up, don’t beat yourself up about whatever’s going on in your head. Voice those thoughts and just know that you will be alright.

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  • Hi!
    Thanks for Claire Holt, I got to know about your website. I’m just starting to read it recently and I find it really great you are doing this to help all women.

    I myself is suffering from anxiety sometimes & I also realize that most of the time it isn’t that bad after all. Although knowing about this, I still can’t help to feel the A word over the most ridiculous things. I overthink a lot & maybe bother too much on how others see or think? I do try to chill and tell myself not to bother & I only live once, why bother worrying so much? Or maybe I’m too imaginative! However I do understand it helps to voice it out and realization does help to a certain extent of managing it better. It just doesn’t go away right? So I always conclude and accept that I’m a Worrier. 😉

    I am also starting a personal blog to pen down my thoughts and feelings. 🙂

    • Hi Sherlynn!

      I am so glad you found forsheisyou via Claire’s beautiful interview!

      Thank you for sharing! I feel you, I hear you, I know exactly what you are referring to. Whilst sometimes my anxiety can lay dormant, of late it has been in full gear and as much as I try and tell myself not to worry etc – it doesn’t seem to help. I am most definitely a worrier too, however, we have to also remember we are warriors and it takes a lot of strength and courage to face and deal with anxiety on a day-to-day basis especially when at times it can be over the most ridiculous things. The important thing to remember is that it’s all a journey, I am trying hard to find the gifts and lessons in my anxiety and remembering that it doesn’t control me. Stay tuned for some amazing articles on this!! Hang in there and know that you are not alone! Great idea – you will find jotting down your thoughts and feelings will go a LONG way in helping you through and can be so therapeutic! xx