A Collection Of Inspiring Signs From The Womens March

The recent Womens Marches held all around the world meant so many different things to so many different people, all under one collective banner: unity. Women (& men) marched, united as one. They showed solidarity, support for the sisterhood and love. So much love. I was in awe at the magnitude of it all and so inspired by the love. I have seen so many amazing signs surface but the ones that touched me the most were the ones that showed love in its purest form: love for others, self love, kindness, self belief and the message that together, we are stronger.

Seeing so many young faces amongst the crowds gave me goosebumps, seeing this next generation of girls (who are growing up to be strong empowering women) shine made be believe that there is so much good in the world. We are on the right path. And if we continue to teach the next generation of girls to be kind to one another, to be kind to themselves, to always stand together – united as one, to believe, support and encourage one another and most of all…to believe that ANYTHING is possible, then boy oh boy what are powerful generation of women they will be.

It also got me to thinking, we can learn so much from these amazing little women. Their pureness shines through, all they are is love in its truest form. We can learn to throw caution to the wind, focus on the present moment, see the good in others, know that we ourselves are amazing, and believe that we can be anything we dream of being. We need to take a leaf out of their book and out of the messages behind the marches and apply them to everyday life.

The notion of ‘GIRL POWER’ is truly incredible and something we should hold onto with both hands. To me, girl power means: we are better together, we are all the same, we are all just girls, trying to do and be our best. And how much better is life when we all work together, when we lead with kindness, when we support and feel supported. It means looking in the mirror and loving the person we see staring back at us. It means believing in ourselves, each other and our dreams and knowing that we can be or do anything we want if we work hard and believe.

I hope these images brighten your day, fill up your heart with love and inspire you to shine so bright, just as they did for me. Dream big. Believe big. Love big. And be kind, always, always be kind. Kindness is the antidote to so much, we can all be kind and this world can never have too much kindness.


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