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Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, I’m going to make an assumption that you have heard of TRIANGL…the swim label heralding from Australia and taking the world by storm. Well, you may have seen those gorgeous neoprene kinis but may not know who the brains (and beauty) behind the label is…allow me to introduce you to, the delightful ERIN DEERING.

What an honor this interview was for me. I have personally been inspired by Erin for the last few years ever since I discovered the brand and read her story. I was in awe and blown away with inspiration at how TRIANGL started, the backstory behind the brand and their business model. It is one thing to have a great product, but Erin and her partner Craig came up with a genius business and marketing plan surrounding it which they executed seamlessly and has helped make them stand out from the rest and be one of the top swimwear labels in the world!! Erin began TRIANGL with Craig after noticing a gap in the market: it was impossible to find a decent swimsuit under $200. After some brainstorming, moving countries, jumping over road blocks, living off tinned food, experimenting, sourcing investment and really working their butts off…the brand that is TRIANGL was born, and then the lid just got completely blown off and the world dominance began. The thing that gets me most about their story is that they dared to dream, they literally had nothing upon conceiving the idea and at one point were down to a few hundred dollars, they were struggling and in a very different place to what they are now… but they just figured out how to make it happen. They didn’t let anything get in the way of their vision. The story behind TRIANGL isn’t just ‘another success story’, it’s literally ground-breaking. They took a chance and boy oh boy did it pay off. Ahhhh, see – so freaking inspiring!!

Erin is most certainly the definition of a trailblazer: she literally saw a gap in the market, found her niche and created what was needed. Always one step ahead and using social media, in particular Instagram, to her advantage she has successfully marketed TRIANGL to be in a league of its own. It’s no wonder this young, driven, entrepreneur has made the BRW Top 100 Young Rich List. I love that despite being the director of one of the biggest, multi-million dollar swimwear companies in the world, Erin still lives and breathes TRIANGL, day in, day out. She hasn’t passed the buck, lost interest or loosened her involvement. She’s still at the forefront of everything and her and Craig are still working their butts off to continue to push the envelope and grow the company. She has created the type of company that you would consider yourself lucky to work for. And that is incredibly rare in business at all, let alone a company leading the way on the world stage. And you want to know the best part? Erin is literally one of the nicest people you could possibly meet, I may have only met her virtually, but her genuine warmth and sweetness leaps out from emails and her interactions are always genuine and from the heart. She is incredibly sweet, incredibly kind, incredibly supportive and incredibly generous. And it’s all genuine. She is nailing life, seriously – it is evident she is the best mum to little Oscar, a role she thrives in (check out the cute pics below!) and director of an extremely successful business that continues to grow. And when you strip it all back, she’s also just a genuinely rad woman, who always has time for others! I am so incredibly grateful to Erin for sharing her time and her wisdom. I’m really excited for you to read her inspiring interview below which will remind you to dare to dream, believe in yourself, and just aim to be genuinely happy and live your best life.



One word you would use to describe yourself?
mum… #sheisMUM

‘Being kind is the greatest gift you can give to someone.’

What is your philosophy on life?
I used to be far more planned but I really try now to relax, enjoy spontaneous moments and appreciate everything that you have, each day.

When are you the best, most authentic version of you?
When I’m with my son!

What would you tell your 18 year old self?
I would tell my 18 year old self to not be so stressed about hating school and not wanting to go to uni and that it wasn’t going to be the only path that would lead to success! I used to feel embarrassed about not getting a degree but am now proud that I didn’t and managed just fine doing what I wanted to do!

Your greatest achievement and how has it shaped you?
Having my son. He has helped me to relax, enjoy life and just be a better person all-round!


Which characteristics do you most admire in the people you surround yourself with?
Warmth, honesty, diplomacy and kindness. I like hanging out with people who are just nice to others and fun to be around!

How do you cultivate self love and combat negative self-talk?
Tricky one! I think I try and put things into perspective and be appreciative for all I have and that tends to silence a lot of the negative stuff that goes on in my head!

Something you don’t tell yourself enough?
That I’m very lucky!

How do you stay positive when you’re having a bad day? 
Close my laptop and hang out with Oscar!

Your ‘happy’ song? 
I don’t really have one that comes to mind but live music makes me feel pretty happy!

The best way to overcome limitations? 
By just trying and not worrying about the outcome

How do you deal with stress / anxiety?
Wine! No, actually I have a rule where I only drink to increase a good mood. I just try and switch off all electronic devices for a while and that tends to calm things down in my head!


‘Everyone should stand together and support one another.’

If you had a ‘MY 3AM MIND’ notepad, what are some things we would most likely find scribbled on it?
I don’t really worry too much at night!

Your favorite way to ‘switch off’?
Have a nice dinner and a few drinks with friends, or a tv series binge with Craig and Oscar on our couch!

From your experience, what wisdom can you impart on being successful whilst staying true to yourself & being kind at the same time? 
To be kind and thoughtful and considered before any action.

Have you experienced setbacks / failures? If so, what did they teach you? 
I think I fail at something every day! But failing is a great teacher in what to do, or not to do next time.

Over the course of your life so far, what is the single best realisation you’ve had?
That I need to enjoy the present more and be in the moment.

Why do you believe in kindness?
Because it is so simple and yet so powerful. Being kind is the greatest gift you can give to someone.

The kindest thing someone has ever done for you, that you will never forget?
Any time a stranger is kind, it has an impact on me and I try to never forget the way it makes me feel – so that I pass that onto other people as well.


‘Failure is a great teacher in what to do, or not to do, next time.’

Why should girls and women stand together, support and build one another up rather than tearing each other down?
I think everyone should stand together and support one another. I don’t think it’s about either sex specifically but about everyone.

The best piece of advice you have ever received?
To be present.

Your favorite motto that always inspires you?
Realise how lucky you actually are, every day.

**Images courtesy of Erin + Triangl’s Instagram accounts

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