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Okay, where do I even begin? Claire Holt is literally one of the sweetest humans, ever, in the history of the world. She is sooooooo pure of heart. Period. I mean, she is actually so genuinely sweet that at times it’s difficult to comprehend how someone could have a heart that big and be filled with that much goodness and not be fake – but she’s not, it’s so genuine, it’s just her. Claire is innately sweet. I’m talking honey, chocolate, sugary treats, Nutella crepes, Noah’s love for Allie in The Notebook, the cute lil’ hands and feet of a newborn baby, Claire Holt. There you have it, the sweetest things that exist in this world.

I have been ridiculously excited to share this interview with you, because again, this woman is next-level-amazing and I know that you will find so much inspiration reading through her answers. But, not only that, you will feel empowered. I’ve said this time and time again, but all I ever wanted from this space was to open the channels of conversation, strip back the bull*!%t and create a space where women inspire each other by being their true, vulnerable, open-book selves to serve as a point of reference that we are all the same. And my God, Claire is a prime example of this. As you will discover, her interview is incredibly sincere and unreserved, and truly holds the power to be impactful.

I am lucky enough to call this beauty a very dear friend – funnily enough (and very on point with For, She Is You) upon meeting we literally cemented our bond over our mutual anxiety. True story. The backstory is that prior to meeting, Claire and I share two BFF’s and after hearing about each other for so long, the stars aligned and we were both in the same place at the same time and finally got to meet. I’ll be completely honest, I was so nervous at first for a few reasons a) that is just me, anyone that knows me knows my level of self confidence is usually below par and insecurities above par so I am known to get nervous meeting new people b) because I was legitimately fearful incase she didn’t like me due to the fact that we share two mutual BFF’s who are two of the most important people in my life and had told me so much about her and vice versa c) because, comparison-itis; from afar she was so beautiful, confident and self assured. However, within a nano second of being introduced, receiving the warmest hug and feeling that instant warmth exude from this incredible human, all of my nerves subsided and we clicked. I couldn’t believe how sweet she was, I’m not even exaggerating a little that Claire has an aura of sweetness. Somehow the conversation led us to anxiety and it was like listening to someone talk about me, my thoughts and experiences and vice versa… we ended up really bonding over the fact that we both struggle with anxiety, and in particular, (& freakily enough) the same type of anxiety. Just chatting with her about it made me feel so much less alone and quite honestly, less weird, knowing that the things I go through and get anxiety around aren’t unique to me, someone that understood exactly. It was then, that I knew we were kindred spirits and we were destined to become dear friends. Claire inspires me and I know without a shadow of a doubt that you will take away a little (well let’s be real, a lot of) inspiration from all she has to share.

There are so many qualities that make Claire shine bright. Claire is one of those incredible women that you walk away from feeling warm. It’s impossible not to. It’s her sweet, endearing, beautiful energy; it quite literally radiates from her. And hand-in-hand with her aforementioned sweetness, comes unconditional kindness. I swear this lady has a heart that just continues to grow. Without even trying, Claire has this unique ability to make you feel good… which by golly is a freaking amazing characteristic to have. And she knows how to put together a damn good cheese platter, so there’s that.

Claire is so kind, compassionate and supportive that she is all round friend / human goals. She is a body positive advocate and shares why what is on the inside is so much more important than what’s on the outside. She’s alllllll for self love and knowing that you are enough… And she is living proof that if you believe in yourself, work hard and never give up…you can achieve your dreams and make whatever it is you want happen. And I mean, she is pure kindness so she’s got that covered.

Claire’s interview is refreshingly real and she has no qualms telling you about her insecurities, struggles she has had along the way and things about herself she wants to work on. She will be the first to tell you she has her own shit going on. And she does this because she wants girls to feel a little less alone. And she very genuinely does. (If you haven’t already, head to Instagram and see this post I shared from Claire, it is so refreshingly real and heart-warming and cements everything I have just said). So, if you’re reading this and feeling down, or alone, please know that you’re absolutely not. By the end of Claire’s interview you will learn a few things. Namely that we are in fact all the same, and the incredible women you look up to and think have the perfect (life / career / hair / body / romance…insert whatever ‘that perfect thing’ is here) are made up of the same thoughts, feelings and emotions as you, they have their hang ups, insecurities and stress just like you do. Claire will remind you via her wisdom and experience that you just have to be you. Sweet, beautiful, wonderful YOU. We all have moments of feeling unworthy and can be the president of our own worst critics club. But take note of WE ALL, because, we alllll experience this, no one is immune to experiencing these feelings or picking ourselves apart. The comparisons need to stop, the unkindness to ourselves needs to stop. Claire will also restore your faith in kindness and the tremendous power that accompanies it. I loveeeee that she highlights the fact kindness can be something small, yet have such a remarkable impact on the person on the receiving end. Take from it whatever you need and whether it’s a reminder that we all have our insecurities and hang ups, or that there are always setbacks and failures on the path to success or whether it inspires you to go out today and be extra kind. There is so much goodness here to soak up. May I add that Claire’s mum is also a guru of wise advice and Claire shares some beauties from her that may end up being your personal mantras, as they have mine.

You will also be reminded that anxiety strikes for so many of us, there’s no rhyme or reason and no one is really ever immune. You will be inspired to lift each other up, be vulnerable and to be kind alwayssss – because, again, kind gestures can have more of an impact than you know. It’s okay to be vulnerable, in fact, it’s more than okay…it’s NECESSARY. It’s part of growth and just be gentle with yourself. Some of us are born worriers, but we’re also born warriors and we will get through it. And it’s things like this, opening up the lines of communication and sharing our stories and experiences with one another that is going to make it a lot easier and make us all feel a lot less alone.

I have to tell you, I struggled so much with this intro because it’s the first time I’ve interviewed and had to write it for a friend. I hope it has done the interview justice, I hope it has primed you with excitement to get stuck in, but, above all, Claire my love… I hope that you read this and know how incredibly special (& just how loved) you are. I hope, if only for a moment, you have seen yourself through my eyes. Because, when I see you, I genuinely see someone that has the most pure heart and shines with so much goodness. Someone who is incredibly kind, sweet, supportive…and bloody funny. Thank you for having the biggest heart. Thank you for so openly sharing a part of you that I am lucky enough to know, with anyone who lays their eyes over your interview with the hope of making others feel less alone. Thank you for the unconditional love, kindness and support you show us, whenever we need it. You are pure goodness and you don’t even know what a beautiful impact you have on those around you. That is most definitely part of your magic. Claire is the entire package when it comes to amazing-ness: so use Claire as an example, as encouragement to be the best version of yourself and always lead with kindness … For, She Is You

Claire Holt



One word you would use to describe yourself?
Grateful… #sheisGRATEFUL

Claire Holt

What would you tell your younger self?
What other people think of you is none of your business.

What have you learnt about yourself from being in the industry you’re in from such a young age?
I learned that I am strong. That I have a thick skin and the older I get, the harder it is to penetrate. In this industry, we face constant rejection. While I’ve been fortunate enough to work, I also know what it’s like to get the call saying I didn’t get it. There are so many different reasons why and they are most often beyond your control, so I’ve also learned acceptance. To let things go. I’ve learned that my life is bigger than someones objective opinion of me.

‘We are stronger as a pack. I think it’s about being vocal. About showing the world that you love and support other women.’

Something you don’t tell yourself enough?
That I am worthy. At times I find it hard to feel deserving of success or the life that I am lucky enough to lead. I think a lot of people experience those feelings. While it’s common, I would like to be better at challenging those thoughts.

Claire Holt  Claire Holt  Claire Holt

What do you love about fierce lady friendships?
The constant support. The ability to feel vulnerable. The knowledge that your fierce ladies have your back no matter what. I have the most wonderful, inspiring and bad ass group of women in my life and I don’t know where I would be without them.

What characteristics / values do you admire most in the women you choose to surround yourself with?
Strength, confidence, loyalty, drive, humor, kindness and empathy.

The last experience that made you a stronger person?
I feel a little bit stronger every single day. Whether its picking myself up after losing out on a job, or confronting cyber bullies who say hateful things to me online. Some days it’s about ignoring the bullsh*t, some days it’s about letting myself cry. Often I feel stronger when I’m vulnerable and rely on people, since its something that I don’t always feel comfortable doing. All of these small accomplishments help me to feel more confident about who I am as a woman.

Claire Holt

Do you ever let things beyond your control stress you out? 
Of course! I’m an inherently anxious person and as my Mum tells me, I often borrow problems for the future. At times I worry about my health, about my career, about my family.

‘I think kindness is invaluable. A simple act of kindness can change someone’s day, week, and maybe even their year.’

What triggers anxiety for you and what are some of your coping mechanisms?
Worrying about the future. I also have pretty severe healthy based anxiety and so when issues arise I often go to the dark place. Talking to someone, taking deep breaths, exercise or a glass of wine with my friends usually helps! The best way for me to manage it is by talking to someone. A therapist, my partner, sister or friends. Often they can give you some clarity or perspective. It’s about challenging the thought patterns. My mum also shared with me the phrase ‘let’s wait to worry’. Worrying about things that may or may not happen is just robbing you of the joy of being in the moment. Of being present.

Have you experienced challenges and setbacks and what have they taught you?
Yes. When I first moved to America, I had very little money and no job security. I did 142 auditions before I booked my first job. It was a relentless stream of NO. It was very hard to stay focused and to believe in myself. I wanted to quit many times over but I am SO grateful that I didn’t. That experience told me that persistence and hard work pays off. To keep my head down when times are tough because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I also learned during this time that I reallllly love a glass of wine 😉

Claire Holt  Claire Holt  Claire Holt

How do you pull the cord on a pity party and pick yourself up when you’re having a bad day?
I have a time limit. Depending on how rough of a day it was, I give myself 30 minutes to an hour to sit on my pitty pot and feel sorry for myself. I can stomp my feet and cry/complain, but when that time is up, its over. I have to get on with it. It’s a trick that has served me very well over the years!

Why do you believe in kindness?
I think kindness is invaluable. A simple act of kindness can change someone’s day, week, and maybe even their year. You never know what someone is going through in their life and so it is important to come from a place of love vs judgement. I will never forget the kind things people have done for me in my life. Those are the memories that I truly cherish, so I try every day to do the same for others.

‘In order to be the best version of yourself, you need to love yourself.’

What is the kindest thing someone has ever done for you?
When I was leaving for a long work trip and was feeling particularly anxious, my sister gave me a HUGE envelope filled with letters. ‘For when you’re tired’, ‘For when you’re lonely’, ‘For when you can’t sleep’, ‘For when you need a laugh’. Each one so beautifully thought out and special. I opened those letters when I was away and it changed my experience. I know it was incredibly time consuming for her but it meant the world to me.

Claire Holt

How can we all spread a little more kindness into the world?
It only takes little things. A smile, holding open a door, giving someone a compliment. The gestures don’t have to be grand to be meaningful.

What is the kindest thing you can do for someone experiencing unkindness? 
Defend them. Have their back. Bullies are really just cowards who will back down when they feel outnumbered. Don’t keep quiet when you see someone experiencing unkindness. Be loud and tell them you’re with them.

Why do you believe it is important to master the art of self love and positive self talk?
Because in order to be the best version of yourself, you need to love yourself. It isn’t easy and I struggle with it at times, but there is a difference between being cocky and being self assured. If you are confident in who you are, people can’t shake you. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Claire Holt  Claire Holt  Claire Holt

How do you combat negative self talk and why is it important to be a little kinder to ourselves? 
I try and acknowledge that its happening and challenge the thought. Sometimes that’s not so easy and so I just push it out of my mind. I don’t let myself engage. I think it’s all about practice. If you do something often enough it becomes habit.

‘Worrying about things that may or may not happen is just robbing you of the joy of being in the moment. Of being present.’

What is your ‘happy’ song? 
Rhianna – We Found Love.

Why is it integral for girls and women to celebrate, support and build each other up and in what ways can we do so?
As women, we already face more challenges. Equal pay, reproductive rights, workplace opportunities… there are so many issues that we need to unite on. We are stronger as a pack. I think its about being vocal. About showing the world that you love and support other women. Maybe it’s as small as a kind word or as large as marching at a rally. Maybe its a social media post or even just a hug. They all add up to make a difference.

Claire Holt

If you had one minute to instil a message to girls and women the world over about loving themselves, each other and believing in their dreams – what would you say?
Dream big. Believe in greatness. I truly believe that we can be anything we set our minds to. Sure, there are challenges but I have been shown in my life that if I don’t give up, I will get to where I’m meant to be. It may not be the place I thought but it is the right place for me. And please, LOVE YOUR BODIES!! I spent too many years of my life picking apart my appearance. Judging myself for not being thin enough or pretty enough. Wishing away my freckles or my dimples. It was such a waste. I wish I had learned to love my body at a younger age. The inside is far more important than the outside and I’m so grateful to have learned to love my body for what it can do vs what it looks like.

Your favourite mantra that always inspires you?
GET UP, DRESS UP, SHOW UP! Its about getting out there even when you don’t feel like it. You never know what magic awaits 🙂
(The wise words of my mum, Ann)

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  • Hello Cassandra!
    This has been one of the nicest introductions I have ever read 🙂 You can tell that you really appreciate her and she is a good friend. I follow Claire because she is such an inspiration. I first knew about her when I watched her in H2O and look at her now! Thank you for the interview, I really enjoyed it.


    • Hi Cristina,
      So lovely to hear from you, thank you soooo much for your kind comment! Every single word is true, and even then I doesn’t feel as though it quite does her justice!! Claire is soooo sweet, kind and inspiring and this interview is honestly a true reflection of that and all that she is. Thank you so much for stopping by to read and for taking the time to share your comment – I really appreciate it and I’m so glad you enjoyed it!
      Have a beautiful day,
      Cassandra x

  • It’s Thursday morning and I have been struggling since the start of the week to wake up, smile and deal with life work and so on. All I wanted to do was isolate myself in my room. It has been really tough for more not to explode in tears 5 times a day. Even the smallest things made me feel angry, dragged even lower than where I started the day. I have chronic depression, with a beautiful hint of anxiety and mood swings and this week has been a rough one.
    And then I stumble upon this blog on Claire’s instagram, and as a fully committed fighter for the women’s love cause, I ran to check it out. Now I did NOT expect to read about one of my favourite actresses’ experience with anxiety, but it felt like something that was meant to happen. Reading this while having my breakfast coffee just made me smile and made me feel a little better. It’s 10am right now and I already feel much better than I have felt since this week started. To have your story shared by someone else, to realise that you are not alone! This is exactly what I needed, and I just could not find it. Even worse, I did not want to ask for it, nor know where to look for it. And you just handed it to me on a silver platter, filled with flowers and sunshine and marshmallows, and I cannot be more grateful!
    I will be supporting this blog everyday of my life, for it has picked me up when I was feeling very low, for she is me, for she is you!
    I also promise that my next comments won’t be as long as this one haha 🙂
    Bless you Claire, bless you creator of this blog!

    • I can’t even describe how moved I am by you sharing your story. Thank you!
      I am so sorry to hear that you have been struggling – please be gentle with yourself and know that it comes in waves and while some weeks (like this one you’ve had) are worse than others, it won’t always feel like this and there is light at the end of the tunnel. And always, always remember how amazing you are. There’s nothing worse than having a day / week / month where everything seems to affect you and you feel like you are constantly on the verge of tears, but please always remember that you are not alone and it will get better. I am so glad that the Universe conspired to bring you Claire’s post and direct you to the website exactly when you needed it, and more than that, it means so much to me that it made you smile and feel even the slightest bit better. Claire’s interview is truly incredible, and it is such an authentic representation of her as a person. There’s so much inspiration in it, so come back to it whenever you need! I appreciate your support so much and I look forward to continuing to connect on here. And don’t even be silly, as my friends would happily tell you – I am the queen of writing long comments / text messages / emails so there no such thing as a comment that is too long, or needing to apologize for that 😉
      Sending you love right back, I hope you have a magical day! xx

    • Thank you so much Kelly, I am truly touched by your message. Thank YOU for reading it, I hope you have found so much inspiration to take away from Claire’s beautiful insights. Cassandra x

  • Ok this is very inspirational and this makes me love you even more!!!! You are truly my role model and my favorite person in earth!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I just want to thank you for writing this. It brought tears to my eyes for the inspiration it gave me. Going through a really rough patch. I normally don’t respond to any correspondences but I do so enjoy Claire’s acting on The Originals and she is just as strong if not stronger in real life then the character she plays. I really enjoyed reading this.

    • Thank you so much for sharing Tracy, I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through a rough patch but I am so glad you stumbled across Claire’s beautiful interview and it gave you inspiration. That is exactly what drives me to share more incredible interviews from incredible women. Hang in there, and know that you’ve got this. The storm doesn’t last forever xx