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Sonia Zarbatany is a total #girlboss. As the owner of fashion label Vince Camuto, Sanctuary Canada, Modstrom and Zarby International: she is a successful entrepreneur, totally dominating the fashion game. She has an infectious, kind, positive energy that leaps from the virtual screen into your realm. Whether it is via one of her emails or just by spending 5 minutes on her Instagram, it is evident that Sonia is one remarkable woman and I dare you to read her interview and not feel inspired or be swept up by her infectious positivity and zest for life.

I serendipitously stumbled across Sonia’s instagram by accident, her love and genuine passion for supporting other women was evident in bucket-loads and I knew immediately she was a #SHEIS candidate!! As soon as I reached out to Sonia, she replied almost immediately with the sweetest email back and a big YES, she genuinely couldn’t wait to be a part of the #SHEIS movement, her excitement and enthusiasm lifted me up – as I imagine anyone who has an interaction with Sonia must feel. Everything she stands for is the ethos behind For, She Is You. This is what I freaking love about these interviews and the space I am creating… ALL of these amazing women are wanting to build each other up, they’re all about encouraging one another to succeed and Sonia is the definition behind the phrase; Her Success, Is Not Your Failure. Sonia is a fierce cheerleader for the sisterhood.

Sonia is a hard worker, a hustler: she works, plays and dreams hard. She is the ultimate example of kindness, self love and believing in your dreams, and as a mom is something she is instilling in her daughter. I hope some of Sonia’s genuinely enthusiastic attitude rubs off on you as you read her interview below and you walk away a little kinder, a little more positive and ready to take on your dreams: knowing that with hard work, dedication and support from those around you, anything is possible.


How would you describe yourself in one word?
Positive… #sheisPOSITIVE

‘Everything will pass – just keep focused and keep going.’

What would you tell your 70 year old self? 
Enjoy the ride, keep smiling, do what you love and enjoy every step of the journey.

Is there anything you wish you could ‘unlearn’?
What I have learned both the good and the bad has shaped who I am today. The struggles have made me tougher and the more I learn, educate myself, develop as a business owner and coach the more I can teach to my clients and empower my kids.

How do you pick yourself up when you’re having a bad day, or life throws you a curveball?
I look at my daughter; take a step back, think big picture and know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Everything will pass just keep focused and keep going.


What triggers stress for you and what are some of your coping mechanisms?
I take on so much, I’m always on the go.  I try to fit as much work, events, family, social, fitness, fun, travel and charity as I can and so many times I find myself running from one place to the next. But, I find if one day is too heavily scheduled, then I just raincheck or cancel. I chose my engagements wisely and I have learned to say no thank you.

The best way to overcome fear and limitations?
Those are 2 words I don’t believe in or use. I do not fear anything; I just do it if it feels right to me. I don’t set limits on myself or those around me. I say yes, and then I figure out a way to accomplish it.

How do you practice self-love and combat negative self-talk?
As a life coach that was the first thing I worked on for myself, and now I work on that with others. You have to be your best fan, if you believe in yourself and your talents then others will too. I surround myself with only positive loving people who see me in the light I see myself. So I am constantly pushed to move forward through my own motivation and through the support of those around me.

‘You have to be your best fan, if you believe in yourself and your talents then others will too.’

What don’t you tell yourself enough?

As a woman in business, what have you learnt over the years that you can impart to others? 
Prioritize, get organized, schedule everything, delegate, and make time for your family no matter how busy work gets. Get a coach or a mentor that can hold you accountable and help you grow your business to the vision you have set for yourself.

You will never remember those long nights at the office, but you will regret the missed experiences with your loved ones. So have a plan for you business but always schedule your family and leave some “me-time” for yourself.

Happy wife-Happy life.. Happy-mom, Happy-home.

There is a perception that you have to be nasty / malicious / unkind / cut-throat to succeed. However, this isn’t true. From your experience, what wisdom can you impart on  being successful whilst staying true to yourself & being kind at the same time? 
I am the absolute opposite of this statement. I believe the pie is big enough for us all. We have to support other women and help them succeed. We need to be role models for our kids and teach them by example. The only competition I have is with myself.  I truly run to my own beat and live the life I created for myself and make sure I give back and am a good mother, friend, boss and wife. That to me is true success; I treat everyone from the office cleaner to the owners of brands with respect and compassion.


Why do you believe it is important for girls and women to support one another and build each other up? 
#whoruntheworld… GIRLS!! It is our duty to be role models and examples for our kids and support and empower the women we love around us.

Healthy ways of dealing with conflict? 
Communicate, keep calm, take a step back and wait until the next morning to send that email. Wait until you’ve reread it in a different state of mind.

Why do you believe in kindness and how do you define it?
Kindness is a value that softens the world. We need more of it. It is giving without the intention of getting anything back, just from the heart.

‘I believe the pie is big enough for us all. We have to support other women and help them succeed.’

What is the kindest thing you can do for someone experiencing unkindness? 
In the moment? Have their back! Stand up for what you believe and those you love. When life throws you curve balls, which it does to us all, we need loved ones to remind us how we can overcome. If they are feeling hurt, I will be there to make them feel loved, understood and shift the pattern of unkindness.

What ‘real’ advice can you offer on believing in yourself and chasing your dreams?
My kids will never hear me say it can’t be done, I truly believe if the drive and the hunger is big enough there are no dreams or obstacles that can’t be met. All that is needed is the right plan and the right passion and purpose. Find your passion and let your purpose lead the way.

Do you have a favorite mantra that always inspires you?
Be humble, be happy and always be the hardest working person in the room


‘Kindness is a value that softens the world. We need more of it.’

**All imagery courtesy of Sonia and @soniazarbatany instagram


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