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I love when I ask women to describe themselves in one word, not as a way to define or put into a box but rather as a celebration. I think because we all often neglect to celebrate who we are as a person and all of the beautiful qualities we have that make us, us… and so when you have to sit and think about one word that best describes you, I feel like it’s a beautiful acknowledgment and celebration of you. All the things that make you YOU are all the things to be proud of, so acknowledge them and celebrate them more. Pia described herself in one word as joy and my goodness she couldn’t be more spot on. I mean c’mon, look at the photo below – and all the ones that follow – it’s easy to see Pia’s zest for life and pure JOY… it literally bounces off of the screen right into reality and it is fair to say by all accounts that her joy is authentic, she truly is pure joy in both the real world and on the interwebs.

Pia Arrobio is the founder, designer and creative director of LPA the label. After working for Reformation in PR and then as a designer, Pia was poached by Revolve to create a new brand… LPA was born and the rest is history. For a label that is still considered in its infancy (it isn’t even 2 years old!!) it’s killing the game, which is truly a reflection of Pia and everything she has created. She understands women, inside and out. Period. And that not only makes her such an amazing woman in general, but also gives her an edge in the fashion industry because she knows what we want, how womens bodies really are and what works in the style stakes. But it’s not just the pieces and collections themselves that have made LPA a hit, but the entire ethos behind the brand – Pia uses LPA as a positive platform for women… hell yeah!!

If you don’t know LPA, I suggest you check it out immediately (well, pretty please finish reading the rest of this interview and then check it out haha) because it’s the bees knees and then some. The total shiz. The coolest label going around. It’s for all girls and women, everywhere. It’s message is simple: be you, you’re rad. And I freaking love that. It’s a label that sums up Pia and her attitude. A label hell bent on making women look good and feel good in their own skin. Heck to the YES.  I’m not lying when I say every single piece is next-level-freaking-cool, real clothes for real women. Pia basically designs the raddest clothes that she wants to wear (and her style level is on par with Carrie Bradshaw’s, so there’s that), at an entry level price point which makes them accessible for all of us (insert clapping hands emoji here) well, until you want every piece of every collection that is and at that point you just gotta close your eyes and randomly select your top 3 for purchase.

Pia Arrobio, LPA     

^^^ And can we talk about these care labels on the pieces? Talk about inspiration and then some. I’m all for using every opportunity to empower, inspire and remind women of how wonderful they are and Pia used this tiny detail (that is usually overlooked) as a chance to inspire and empower. See what I mean… freaking COOL.

I first discovered Pia when I fell in love with her label but not so long after I discovered LPA, Pia was in the Glossier (side note – it is the equivalent of LPA in the beauty world and not only are their products amazing but it’s a brand that encourages women to be and love themselves. It celebrates women and their beauty, just as they are. That’s what I’m talking about) Body Hero campaign and my awe and admiration for her was cemented. I loved the message behind the campaign and I loved Pia’s involvement. The body hero campaign had such an impact on me, as soon as I saw it I literally got tears in my eyes because the five women featured were real, they put themselves out there despite their insecurities, they were vulnerable and brave and incredibly open about their struggles. I can’t imagine it’s easy to get naked in front of a camera, feel confident and agree to be on billboards around the country. Heck, let’s be honest, most of the time I hate being naked in front of a mirror in the privacy of my bedroom. It takes guts to be vulnerable and put yourself out there.

In line with her vulnerability. Pia says it how she sees it, is a total bad-ass-boss-babe, extremely talented and super stylin’ and just freaking real – she’s not afraid to open up, poke fun at herself or societal ‘expectations’. She’s transparent, practical and inclusive. I love Pia’s vibe. I love how REAL she is. In a world full of ‘fake’ (well, you know the kinda fake I’m referring to: fake-but-we-gonna-pretend-it’s-real-and-genuine), it’s refreshing. What you see is what you get (backed up by people that know and love Pia) and how she is on social media, is how she is IRL. It’s funny how you can be so drawn to someone that you don’t know. I am so drawn to Pia, from the minute I discovered her, she had a certain je ne sais quoi quality that endeared me to her. I love that she is the perfect example that (as much as we are all unique and our individuality should be celebrated) we are, infact, allllll the same and can relate to one another in more ways than we know. Because you know what, we’re all going through the same shit… no matter who you are, where you are on your journey, what you look like, what your background is, who your friends are, where you live, your age, your financial status etc.. we ALL have our vulnerabilities, insecurities, fears and struggles. I love Pia’s self awareness and brazen openess about it. I absolutely love reading her Instagram captions and LOLing at their frankness and honesty. I love learning about her story and how she got to where she is today. I love that she’s true to herself in all that she does. I love that she has built a successful brand by just being herself. I love how much she loves and adores her family and friends. I love how freaking cute her dog Ciro is. I love that she’s straight up real talk when it comes to dealing with adult acne, something I too struggle with. And it must be noted that her love for Italy, pizza and Manolo’s has also not gone unnoticed.

When it comes to kindness and especially being kind to yourself and other women, well, Pia really is the ultimate example of both of these quests. She is allllll about lifting other women up and doesn’t engage in, or encourage others to, talk shit about other women. She’s supportive of other women and their endeavours, and this most certainly extends beyond her friendship circle. My little website doesn’t have the readership of The New York Times (yet!) and so I always know when amazing women like Pia agree to give up their time and do an interview that they are authentic, kind and genuinely champion women supporting women.

I hope you walk away reminded that you can just be you, you can be open and honest and real and vulnerable and it’s okay to be all of that and more. You can march to the beat of your own drum and you can be kind and lift the women around you as you do so. I hope Pia inspires you to strip it back and just be freaking real, because we only get one shot at this big beautiful life, so why not enjoy the ride and just be you… you’re amazing. I hope you seek out joy and make a conscious effort to be lighter, laugh at life and celebrate all the love and joy that is within you. I hope you remember you are good enough (or whatever your ___ enough is) and actively practice changing your thoughts. And I truly hope, that Pia’s interview has given you food for thought to work your butt off, continue to learn, chase your dreams and live your best life… but be humble. She is living proof that you can be so rad by just being yourself… For, She Is You 

Pia Arrobio, LPA



One word you would use to describe yourself?

pia arrobio, lpa

What would you tell your younger self?
It’s going to be fine.

What values do you admire in the women you choose to surround yourself with?
I admire women who work hard and are good people but don’t talk about it.

  Pia Arrobio, LPA  Pia Arrobio, LPA

Why is it important to be kinder to ourselves?
So you don’t lose your mind.

On the flip side of that, how do you combat self doubt and negative self-talk?
I actively practice changing my thoughts.

Pia Arrobio, LPA

‘This too shall pass’

What triggers stress / anxiety for you and what are some of your coping mechanisms?
Thinking I’m not good enough or that none of this really ‘matters’ but it was the path I was given and I have faith it’s for a reason.

Something you don’t tell yourself enough?
You’re not fat.

Pia Arrobio, LPA  Pia Arrobio, LPA  Pia Arrobio, LPA

How do you pull the cord on a pity-party and pick yourself up when you’re having a bad day?

What isn’t engrained enough into girls from a young age that you think should be?
That they don’t have to know at all times what they are supposed to do and that life is a ride.

 Pia Arrobio, LPA

Any tips on gaining confidence and being comfortable in your own skin?
Practice practice practice – change your thoughts. Meditate and do things that feel good. Say no when you need to… Saying no is a good thing!

Why do you believe in kindness?
Because that’s what you get back.

‘Change the way you speak about other women in small groups and it will change the path of communication. We are all going through the exact same shit – give people the benefit of the doubt.’

 Pia Arrobio, LPA, body hero, glossier  Pia Arrobio, LPA, body hero, glossier  Pia Arrobio, LPA, body hero, glossier

The kindest thing someone has ever done for you? 
A girl from Instagram sent me 100 little Ryan Goslings after a break up.

In your opinion, what can we do as a collective to make the world a kinder place?
Actively be kind all day everyday.

Pia Arrobio, LPA

I freaking LOVE that you tell it like it is, there’s no BS and you’re just real. What are your thoughts on the fact we live in a time where social media is very prevalent – which is amazing in so many ways, but also means there is often a false perception of ‘perfection’ when in reality, it’s often smoke and mirrors? 
I want people to know that depending on an app that can be deleted is terrifying. I want girls to have a skill set that gives them self worth. I want girls to know they need to prepare for their future financially.

What are the greatest life lessons you have learnt from challenges and setbacks?
That a set back is a set up for a come back!

Pia Arrobio, LPA  Pia Arrobio, LPA  Pia Arrobio, LPA

There is a perception that you have to be malicious / unkind / cut-throat to succeed. From your experience, what wisdom can you impart on being successful whilst staying true to yourself & being kind at the same time?
There is a perception that if you are those things you are a bitch. You need to know that that’s ok. There are times where speaking up is scary but that doesn’t mean you’re not kind if it’s for the benefit of the people around you and the project you’re working on.

Your ‘real’ advice on chasing your dreams?
Take every job you can. Learn everything you can. Find holes in the market that need to be filled. Don’t chase what already exists.

Pia Arrobio, LPA

‘Actively be kind all day everyday.’

Why is it integral for girls and women to celebrate, empower and support each another rather than tear one another down?
Because women are like a pack of pitbulls. Change the way you speak about other women in small groups and it will change the path of communication. We are all going through the exact same shit – give people the benefit of the doubt.

The best thing your mom has taught you?
There aren’t enough words. She’s magic. But she tells me now all the time to enjoy this moment and that there is time for me to have a family and not to rush that.

Pia Arrobio, LPA  Pia Arrobio, LPA  

Your favorite quote that always inspires you?
This too shall pass.

Pia Arrobio, LPA

**All images courtesy of Pia’s instagram

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