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Moments into reading this interview you will discover that this beautiful young woman is incredibly wise beyond her years. This lionhearted lass fights the good fight, knows what’s what and has courage in spades. Anastasia Baranova is a Russian-American actress who is best known for her current role on the hit series: Z-Nation whilst also having guest roles in popular shows such as Son’s of Anarchy and 90210. Born in Moscow and raised in California, she always knew her calling was in the arts. She truly is a remarkable young lady who aspires to use her position in the spotlight as a voice for young women and strives to be a role model….I know, right – we’re on the same wavelength, she’s amazing! Anastasia loves encouraging women to love themselves and her bodies which is why this beautiful-isnide-and-out woman had no hesitation in being part of this #sheis collection.

I was so inspired and uplifted after reading Anastasia’s interview because she is a fierce advocate for self love and is all about championing other women on and knows that we’re stronger together. It will make you want to go out and do all you can to help your girl gang achieve their dreams and be their best selves, it will make you look in the mirror and tell that face staring back at you that you love her so much and it will make you believe that anything impossible…but it’s all up to YOU! In my opinion, her interview is so wise, so informed and so profound, further evidence of her old-soul that is pure goodness. She is as kind as she is strong, as wise as she is energetic, as brave as she is passionate and as vulnerable as she is happy. I have no doubt that the future will continue to hold nothing but magnificent things for Anastasia as this fearless lady is paving the way and making a difference, she is a fierce advocate for female empowerment and equality which most certainly makes her a force to be reckoned with. What I love the most is that she genuinely cares and has an innate desire to make a difference.

I took so much away from Anastasia’s interview about self worth, vulnerability and shining as your brightest self and I got shivers down my spine reading her thoughts on kindness and women supporting women. She has profound wisdom and beautiful core values to share that most people take a lifetime to discover. I hope you find the same magical inspiration that I did upon reading Anastasia’s interview and you go out into the world today shining a little brighter.




How would you describe yourself in one word? 
Valiant… #sheisVALIANT

‘For everyone, we are more than the sum of our parts.’

What  advice would you give to your __ year old self? 
I’d tell my 17 year old self that my worth and value comes from my heart, my mind, and my character rather than what I do or what I look like.

What characteristics / values do you admire in the women you surround yourself with?
I am heavily blessed with the Goddess Queens in my life. Seriously. These women are authentic, grounded, and unapologetic in who they are. They live well rounded and whole hearted lives. They are continually working on expanding themselves.

Do you ever face self doubt and how do you move through it?
Tons! All the time! I check back in with myself. Am I truly committed? Am I clear on why I’m doing something? Am I giving it my all? If the answers are yes, then I know I’m on purpose. When I can’t shift myself out of it, I reach out; talk to someone who knows and loves me. Sometimes you need someone else to shake you out of a funk and put you back on track.


What isn’t engrained enough into girls from a young age that you think should be?
That you matter. Where real self worth and value comes from, how to recognize and cultivate that within ourselves, and how to support others in creating it. For everyone, we are more than the sum of our parts.

Self love and positive self talk; why do you believe they are important?
Humans are machines. The brain doesn’t know whether a belief that it’s made a habit out of is empowering and effective or not. Daily practices like that keep our inner and outer world balanced and thriving.

Something you don’t tell yourself enough?
Let It Go.


‘We are stronger together, period. We’re not really winning if someone on the team is losing.’

Why do you believe in kindness?
More than anything! Our initial emotional response to something we don’t have control over, but what we do with that is completely up to us! Kindness is a choice, and it’s one that generates a significant amount of good juju in this world.

How can we be kinder to ourselves?
To not compare and compete. To be gentle when in breakdown. Give yourself the love you desire from others.

Is there a particular act of kindness you have received that has always stuck with you?
I was running late to a flight to go home and see my mom on her birthday. At least 15 people let me jump in front of them in line at security. I almost cried, and made the flight!


‘Kindness is a choice, and it’s one that generates a significant amount of good juju in this world.’

What is the kindest thing you can do for someone experiencing unkindness? 
Acknowledge them genuinely from the heart. Be vulnerable and share the gift they are to your life.

Why is it integral for girls and women to support one another and build each other up rather than tear one another down?
We are stronger together, period. We’re not really winning if someone on the team is losing.

What real advice can you offer on believing in yourself and following your dreams?
You’re gonna get a lot of, “no’s,” and that’s gotta be okay. Not everyone is going to like you, and that’s gotta be okay. You’re gonna have to transform and level up every time you want something more than what you already have.

If you had the opportunity to speak and be able to reach and inspire every young girl and woman around the world, what would you say?
You matter. Deeply and profoundly. Your thoughts, your feelings, your dreams and your contributions to this world are singular, and there is something inside you that is unbreakable.

Your favorite quote that always inspires you?
“My heart is at ease knowing that what is meant for me can never miss me, and what misses me was not meant for me.”

‘You matter. Deeply and profoundly.’

All images via Anastasia and her Instagram. Header image on homepage via Jennifer Sosa


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